We are a small kennel and raise our puppies in our home. We have 3 wonderful bitches and a stud dog. Any litters are very carefully planned, as we want to try to improve the breed with every litter. As any good breeder should, we hip  score our dogs and any potential studs we are considering as we firmly believe that every generation should be an improvement on what has come before. We also genetically test any puppies that are going to be used for breeding so as to try to reduce the number of smooth puppies that still occur in many wirehaired vizsla litters, both here in Australia and worldwide.

With there being so few Wires in Australia, the local gene pool is very small. We studied hundreds of pedigrees and consulted people skilled in genetics before developing our breeding program, our primary aim being to broaden and strengthen the breed in Australia. We are at an incredibly fragile point in the development of this breed in Australia and for that reason only the best quality will ever be put to our breed lines.

If you are interested in welcoming a wirey puppy into your home please be advised that we do not breed very often. This is a hobby for us, not a business. We have a long waiting list and we give preference to people with experience in  competitive retrieving, showing, or obedience/agility. As a general rule we do not ship puppies anywhere other than the east coast of Australia, and all puppies are sold on the limited register with Dogs NSW unless by prior arrangement. This means they cannot be bred or exported.

Millie (Ch. Keszthey Weroona)

Our foundation wire bitch Millie comes from outstanding UK and Hungarian lines, her sire being the first Wire imported to Australia (Ch. Silvanus Lord Nelson).

Millie is a happy, loving, and intelligent girl who easily adapts to any situation and loves nothing more than a cuddle on the lounge at the end of the day.

Breed judges who have assessed Millie have called her exceptional, with graceful, elegant movement, and described her coat as being the best they have seen. 

Millie's international hip score is B1. See her pedigree here.

Millie is now retired from breeding.

Missy (Ch. Rugalmas Miss Turtledove NRA)

Missy's mother is Millie and her father is Glen (Dutch & Int. Ch. Quodian's Glen Talloch VJP, HZP, V-V).

In 2016 Missy became an Australian Champion. She has started her obedience career with 2 passes from her first 2 attempts at Rally, and she’s recently gained her Novice Retrieving Ability title.

Missy returned an F/F result in her genetic testing for the furnishings gene, meaning she should always produce pups with furnishings (beard and eyebrows). This is a huge advantage genetically as wires without coat are still quite prevalent not only in Australia but worldwide.

Missy has been in two TV commercials (Supercoat and Nexguard), and is completely unphased by pretty much everything.

Missy’s international hip score is B1. See her pedigree here.

Maisie (Rugalmas Mazing Maisie Moo)


Maisie is from our 2016 litter between Millie and Hungarian import Ch. Ester-Hazi Drotos Boldog CD NRA ('Crikey').

Nothing much phases Maisie. She has very quickly found her place in the pack and, like her dad Crikey, is VERY interested in birds. We hope that she will enjoy and do well at retrieving, and all the early signs would indicate that she has great potential.

Photo: Kirsty Blair, 2018.

Harry (Harrigoss Workforce Imp. UK)

Harry (Harrigoss Workforce) is our very handsome and gentle wirehaired boy, imported from the UK in 2011 from the very successful working kennel Harrigoss. 

Harrigoss breed from working UK and Hungarian lines, and train their wires in falconry and retrieving on land and water.

Harry's sire, Harrigoss Marksman, has chalked up a long list of achievements including the prestigious Greenwire Field Trial Trophy for the highest scoring field trial dog in the UK for 2010-2011. 

Harry's temperament is outstanding, and his gentle nature is very evident in his progeny.

Harry lives with our friends Janice Kelly and John Crouch in Tasmania, who coincidentally also loved and cared for Millie's dad, Ch. Silvanus Lord Nelson, for much of his life.

Harry's international hip score is A2. See his pedigree here. He is available to approved bitches for natural matings, and we also have frozen semen available.

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