"Rugalmas" is Hungarian for flexible, versatile, adaptable. We believe this sums up the personality of the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla perfectly.

Wires, as they are affectionately known, are a completely separate breed to the Hungarian Vizsla. Like Vizslas, Wires are happiest as part of the family unit, but they have a much more laid back approach to life than their smooth cousins.

We hope you enjoy our website and learn more about Wires  while you are here.

Check back every now and then for updates, or have a look at our Facebook page - Rugalmas Wirehaired Vizslas.

Latest news

Puppies have arrived!

Missy, (Ch. Rugalmas Miss Turtledove NRA), gave birth to 7 puppies (5 boys, 2 girls) on Saturday 19th August. The sire of this litter is Crikey (Ch. Eszter-Hazi Drotos Boldog CD NRA Imp Hun.

All of the puppies are sold.

Read about Missy and Crikey here.

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