"Rugalmas" is Hungarian for flexible, versatile, adaptable. We believe this sums up the personality of the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla perfectly.

Wires, as they are affectionately known, are a completely separate breed to the Hungarian Vizsla. Like Vizslas, Wires are happiest as part of the family unit, but they have a much more laid back approach to life than their smooth cousins.

We hope you enjoy our website and learn more about Wires  while you are here.

Check back every now and then for updates, or have a look at our Facebook page - Rugalmas Wirehaired Vizslas.

Latest news

Missy is now an Australian Champion!

Missy, from our Millie (Ch. Keszthey Weroona) and Glen (Dutch & Int. Ch. Quodian's Glen Talloch VJP, HZP, V-V) litter of 2014, is our latest home grown champion, and was Best of Breed at this year’s Sydney Royal Easter Show. 

Judge, Mrs A Carlstrom of Sweden, said of Missy in her critique: She has good proportions, a beautiful head with good expression. She could be better in the loin area - a little bit high. Good angulation and moves well. A very good coat and colour


We are taking a break from breeding for a while due to work commitments. 

For this reason we are not taking any more names for our puppy waiting list.

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